Damn You Apple!

For their size, the Apple Pro Speakers that came with the iMac G4 are very good speakers. The iMac is now old and replaced, but I can still use the speakers! … no.

Is a 3.5mm jack somehow insufficient in it’s ability to carry two channels of audio? Why on earth do you insist on mucking around with ports?! The only thing I can use those speakers with is the iMac. Well wasn’t that just a stroke of genius? I want to use your speakers! Why won’t you let me!? I would have far preferred the USB Pro Speakers that you could get with the G4 Cube. Those would still be useful.

But it doesn’t end with audio ports. Oh no, you like to fiddle with display ports too. Remember the Apple Display Connector? Or even the Apple MultiMedia Display Connector before that? Thankfully I think you’ve got the point now that one fancy port to carry a bunch of other ports is just a pain in the arse and have stopped doing that one. The Mini-VGA, Mini-DVI then the Micro-DVI ports. I see why you’re doing it, display ports are a bit big. You want to include the port but don’t want to compromise the design of the computer. But is it really necessary on the iMacs?

The real pain though is when, after you’ve finished mucking around with perfectly good ports, do you fail to include an adapter?! That is just cheap and/or greedy, it’s also a slap in the face for the iMac owners, they don’t even need a special port!

My MacBook Pro has a normal DVI port. Thank you. You also supplied me with a DVI to VGA adapter. Thank you again. ‘Course I should bloody well have expected to get one for what you charge for the machine in the first place. It still annoys me though, my mum and sister both have regular MacBooks which have a Mini-DVI port. DVI – Awesome… But. No. Adapter. So when my sister came back from a college trip to Greece and wanted to show her photos on the big screen, she couldn’t, because you just couldn’t help yourselves. If you’re going to do it, then include an adapter. They cost you pennies, and it makes your users life easier.

P.S. While i’m on at you, where the fuck is my remote?! Why don’t I get one!? That is Not. Cool. Good thing mum has no desire to use her remote. *yoink* S’ok though, your man haggled.